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    Ante Potočnjak is well known artist in Croatia and surrounding countries. He's represented numerous collections, characterized by a constant presence on the art market. In addition to numerous art exhibition in which the last years his present cycles, participating in competitions, extempore and other. His work has an active exchange in areas such as trade shows his works are particolary evident.

    One such presence, which expires every year in the historical center of Poreč is a situated in the north-eastern part of the city that its premises, walkaways along the northern cost of the city walls is one of the ideal scene for exhibit works of very productive artist.

    He is creative person whose permanent permits the creation of exposure in such a comprehensive exhibition, with other side, the variety of production ranging from drawings, acrilic, sculpture, giving a clear overall diversity of the creative figure.

    His teams dealt with are related to coastal ambient and time, but some classic themes such as acts are realized the vision of pop-art. Just such coverage allows creativity in the implementation of Ante Potočnjak space adaption, be it public (town, halls, pavilion, moper) or perform like the ambiance of yachts and other specific requirements.

    His artistic works are marked with analytic space-time, which is filled with insert a strong coloring. In them is posture of the human figure and the group, stand out see, especially the coastal landscape and architecture, whose grid is proposed for the point in that allows different keys viewing angels.

    Multifaceted approach is the visual feature of the work deals with the problem of figurative and acts, and the relationship between real and unreal marks author's theme that characterized his artistic work. In motivating the formation and comparison of visible and imaginary, contain elements of other procedures and techniques of visual arts, and to read his works you should have knowledge of the contemporary visual media.

    The dimension of structures in relation to the theme and proportion, it's very important aspect of creation. Ante Potočnjak is one of the few authors who are not market with a particular expression, but as a visual-painting message, components or entities that make up the truth of the figurative art of the authors, namely the way the artist see the creation of figure and the composition of objects – the reality is the artistic moment.

    He's continued availability and offering the works to the market is the objectification of work and making contributions to their constant change and proving that painting present a need that the author's efforts to continually improve.

    The creativity of artist is specific to access with themes and figurative but also as and interesting phenomenon that is social and psychological form in a large exhibition hall that connect the town of Poreč fourth, living the certificate of need for a new visual culture that the artist turns into a creative commercial fact.

    The art of Potočnjak is pop-art style, and particularly since the beginning of the century, is shows more elements of artistic maturity. The success of implementation of interior touk about of artist knowledge and is essential for the interpretation of his plastic, sculpture and painting.

    He's cycles is very important result since the late nineties, the work is connected with the act and war (Donne splendissime and War) which interprets the talent and production which reaches the ripe of irony eloquence. Composition with large dimension, sistematic and evident the author's abilities, and with the successes of those cycles, its to highlight his “dream work” work where he begins the emerging cycle and essentially sculpture.

    art historian Marino Baldini
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    image of the work
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    Art movement: Abstract
    Gender: Painting
    Technique: mixed media
    size: cm 23.0 x 29.0 x 1.0
    image: 1786x2251 (3.83 Mpx)

    Description : Abstract painting (no frame) done with combination of different material at structure finished with acrylic colors. Dimension of painting are 29x23 cm, base canvas on paper lined canvas.
    immagine della opera

    Yellow love

    immagine della opera


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