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    A maxim that many know says something like this:
    In life there is art, whatever way you look at it; and people living without realizing they lose the best part.
    We too, as many millions of people love the art, and it is for this reason that OpenArte, thanks to the enormous possibilities of the Internet and the considerable experience in the computer industry, She wanted to open a 'space of communicating online' free , totally free and open all , which allows to bring the Art in its many forms within the reach of anyone who is attracted.
    This allowed the encounter between artists, enthusiasts, collectors or simply curious who want to approach this fascinating and multi-colored world where there are no limits to imagination, ideas and creativity. Within the site OpenArte, in which anyone can enter their works and completely free of charge (you can remove them if you want) without any kind of obligation, coexist disciplines and different artistic expressions such as painting (pictures and paintings) - sculpture - pottery - graphics - jewelery - photography - tattoos, etc ... Here everyone can show, sell or exchange their works, as well as online intervene with opinions and comments on blogs works on display, put on the work like a favorite, take part in the events and the sweepstakes we organize from time to time by notice to members.
    Our initiative had really happened. Today this great Art Gallery - continually updated and constantly evolving - has already been viewed by millions of visitors allowing artists to secure a visibility continued, interesting contacts and - why not? - Good sales results.

    To start
    photos register for free by entering your data. For photos use the contact page, or send E-mail to info@openarte.it,

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